A Summer Project to Aid the Nation

Throughout this summer season Waterville Inclusive Community’s own Youth Theater Directors, Maya Brown and Treva deMaynadier, have been working hard on a Youth Action Kit. Titled STAND UP Action Kit, this Kit acts as a curriculum for youth to become active and help improve their community’s inclusiveness for LGBTQ students and adults. The two have worked on this curriculum since June and recently completed the kit in the beginning of august.

Treva sums up her and Maya’s work this summer, stating that the two have been “taking activities, skits and agendas from previous trainings that we’ve worked on in the past, edited them, made new ones, and combined them to create an action Kit.” The main goal of this process is “for groups and communities throughout the country to promote a safe LGBTQ environment within their own community” says Treva. There is no doubt that LGBTQ issues are present and in need of being addressed but many people wonder why youth should tackle such a daunting and important issue. Treva answers this by saying “I think it’s important because it’s for youth by youth, something that not many groups can accomplish.” She continues by saying “We are young people who have to deal with these issues around us so we are the ones who are the best equipped to find and stop these issues.” “The kit is especially unique because of the theater element that allows both the facilitators and the participants look at these issues in a fun and engaging way.”

Although directed towards youth, this kit is a great learning tool for both youth and adult groups because it looks deeper into the social and personal issues of the LGBTQ communities. The kit can provide a completely different outlook on an age old issue of equality in any age through the use of powerful and comedic skits that evoke tough questions and a new way of thinking. The best part is that this kit will not only help the Waterville community but communities across the country, creating a safe and more inclusive nation starting with these two dedicated and talented students. 

-Allie Richards


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